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The PITAKA MagDock is a wireless charging dock that charges your phone & watch, a smart power bank that integrated with IOT technology and also a traveling kit of all the power you need for your next trip. It is more functional than Airpower, while, with much more reasonable price.

Twist and Dock

The innovative design of a twistable top has taken place the standard charging dock and turned it into a convenient stand for your devices and for you.

Charge All Your Devices

Enables wireless charging for up to 3 devices all at once. A convenient stand for all your devices that dispenses with the mess of cables.

Power up Your Devices Anywhere

Inbuilt with a 7800mAh battery, MagDock is a back-up power bank too and always ready for your next use. Whenever you need a power bank, it is there. Provide 2 Charges iPhone Xs, and 25 charges for AppleWatch 4.

All the Power You Need for Travelling

We provide an optional premium travel pouch. Every time you go for a trip, storing your MagDock in it, zip and go. Get rid of messy cables when being on the go or fly.

Using Whilst Charging

The twistable design allows you to adjust it for the best viewing angle you need. Now enjoying a movie or Facetiming with your friend on phone can be hands-free.

Ideal as a Nightstand Charger

Without any light indicators, MagDock has no light leakage while charging your devices and is ideal as a nightstand charger and organizer.

Smart Track Your Charging

The companion APP keeps track of charging and lets you know whether the device is charging status. Available for IOS & Android.

Compatible device :
iPhone 8/8 Plus/X/Xs/XR/Xs/Max
Samsung S7 edge/S8/Note8/S9/Note 9 (other Qi compatible devices)
Apple Watch Series 1/2/3/4

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