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Never Have I Ever

  • OH YOU NASTY: consisting of 485 cards (on top of 65 rule cards) that call on life’s most embarrassing, hilarious or awkward moments, you will now have the chance to watch friends spill the beans, Never Have I Ever is all about comical, never-before-made revelations and uproarious laughter with good company.
  • FEATURED in KARDASHIAN'S CALVIN KLEIN COMMERCIAL and on ELLEN (YES THAT ELLEN): Who is an authority on fun. She's played this game with Madonna, The Biebs, Johnny Depp, Gwyneth Paltrow and did we mention THE BIEBS? Bachelor or bachelorette parties, college reunions or even engagement parties and 21st birthdays, break this baby out anywhere there's sin!
  • RELIVE UNFORGETTABLE MOMENTS: “Never have I ever had uncontrollable gas at work”, “Never have I ever jumped out of a car while it was still moving”, Amazon has asked us not to share most of the prompts! Card after card, these one-of-a-kind game cards are all about sex, drugs, rock n' roll and bodily functions; don’t be surprised how much you learn from someone you thought you knew.
  • KNOW YOUR FRIENDS ON A WHOLE NEW (HILARIOUS) LEVEL: Be ready to fess up to that thing that happened "one time" in college (or last year) in front of your friends - there’s no more running away!
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE OR YOUR MONEY BACK: we’re so confident that you and your friends will love this game, we’ll give your money back - no questions asked!
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Never have I ever.jpg